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(: hello just wanted to drop by and say hey
& um i used your "paper rockstar layout"
--giving credits back in a min i was editing something then i fucked it up
but ummmm i would love you for the rest of my entire life and give you xxxxx billion amount of dollars if you would tweak the [layout] just a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny bit but putting "comments" after posts [or just tell me how to do it] so ppl can write on my thingie ?

--jadoremeriam.blogspot.c om --

Posted by koobecaf on Mar 6, 11 5:03 am · History

Hi ! Just stopped by to tell that I love you layouts and I'm using L07 Everything I ask for now im my blogger.
anyway, Ive got a question...how do i let people comment on my posts?

Posted by cookiedarkside on Jul 15, 09 11:15 am · History

i neeed help on comments on that blogger i just asked you. how do i let people comment on my posts?

Posted by koobecaf on Jun 4, 09 11:13 am · History

Could you help me w/ my layouttt? :)

Posted by pinkkberries on Apr 7, 09 1:11 am · History

hey I've seen the layouts you made for Blogspot and I think they're gorgeous!
could you make a Panic at the disco layout for Blogger please please? *_*

Posted by kunima on Jan 25, 09 11:44 pm · History

P.S. your graphics are cute too.

Posted by mika-takarai on Jan 16, 09 3:29 am · History

Thank you for your awesome layouts! They're really some of the best. I was just wondering, how do I alter the codes for some of your layouts so that individual comments are enabled on the blog entries. I realized that there are no individual commenting on some of your layouts, however they are very good.

Posted by mika-takarai on Jan 16, 09 3:28 am · History

hi am jose ..
i got a question i saw all tha layouts u have than and i love them...
how u make them please tell me cuz am like a fun of u..
peace out ..comment back please

Posted by elmosprofiles on Jan 3, 09 12:34 am · History

You're welcome. :D
Oh, and thanks for tip.
I never get my banners right
when I try using that effect. DX

Posted by so-sarcastic on Nov 7, 08 10:28 am · History

thank you so much. and i love vamps!

Posted by michellekdo on Oct 24, 08 6:52 pm · History

Thank you, you're really sweet. I appreciate it.

Posted by melancholiclights on Oct 19, 08 7:58 pm · History

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